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Version HOPEX V1R2/R3 is no longer supported consider an upgrade in version HOPEX V2R1 as soon as possible

 General notes:

  • The standard CP installation procedure is How to upgrade CP HOPEX V1R2-V1R3 EN.

  • Do not forget to upgrade all your environment during the CP upgrade

  • Note that files web.config can be initialized and should be archived.

  • The document 'Fix list for MEGA HOPEX V1R2Cpxx.htm' attached to this article contains the list of changes of the last CP related to cases open with Technical Support.

  • Note that with HOPEX V1R2, CP are provided as .EXE files. It is possible to get a file .MSP file from the .EXE file: read the above article.

  • Note that from HOPEX V1R2/R3 CP8.0, CP apply for both releases V1R2 and V1R3.


  Download HF
  Download V1R3 CP17 Master  
  CP17 (build 750-4936) Hotfix 17.01 for HOPEX V1R2-V1R3 CP17.0 
  CP16 (build 750-4710) Hotfix 16.17 for HOPEX V1R2-V1R3 CP16.0 
  CP15 (build 750-4588) Hotfix 15.16 for HOPEX V1R2-V1R3 CP15.0 
  CP14 (build 750-4486) Hotfix 14.19 for HOPEX V1R2-V1R3 CP14.0 
  CP13 (build 750-4385) Hotfix 13.22 for HOPEX V1R2-V1R3 CP13.0 
  CP12 (build 750-4338) Hotfix 12.16 for HOPEX V1R2-V1R3 CP12.0
  CP11 (build 750-4302) Hotfix 11.07 for HOPEX V1R2-V1R3 CP11.0
  CP10 (build 750-4272) Hotfix 10.10 for HOPEX V1R2-V1R3 CP10.0
  CP09 (build 750-4247) Hotfix 9.07 for HOPEX V1R2-V1R3 CP9.0
  CP08 (build 750-4193) Hotfix 8.04 for HOPEX V1R2-V1R3 CP8.0 
CP17 SHA512 key = B957BBADF94E109531B0FA320D25C1BF11AD5CF8155DD2AFD6DFB1FAD1D8B2149F5BF471FDD7266B54DDF48CE3F8788B6B74BBCCCF2AA99EBC69E70CD452DB6C 
CP16 SHA512 key = E3A4C1E2C3BB13F52E52D71852CC3322908124CBA00503FC91F88F067F55642FC6190FF1A3ED54A0C96E75B092434617BCD6C608F29D3F461ED271DC50F04701
CP15 SHA512 key = 494D8E1A81A1308C30F562A820A695D1739ED7F8AF63A317E21D2063DBC8B87ADF88E596AE4BAB9193682A1D6801A85A01EA47990F0A789DBB1EB8FF60472B74
CP14 SHA512 key = D69203D29CB43E9171EEBACFC0E4517C3B4400B43F3F9519D92A5EE2AF0B256422D433BA8420191AD5351EFDE12A0C1967BDF2013F92F96BCB15BF0A9944FCB9
CP13 MD5 key = FB3C191FA58A283AC4AF55898B42DA10
CP12 MD5 key = 1BB602ED8E06C216D137C476C7B0B34C
CP11 MD5 key = 0E046207FEB242A81DE66A25265FDCD9
CP10 MD5 key = 6697F3C11F1CEB91C7CE2AF2263FCA45
CP09 MD5 key = 049CC5FF1A35CEBC490067C53B16AA1B
CP08 MD5 key = C7586953F961F0EA5F22A7B861535A4A 


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