HOPEX Data Discovery

The HOPEX Data Discovery allows you to discover and extract metadata description from various Data sources and import them into the HOPEX data catalog of your repository.

HOPEX Databases backup - V5.0 CP3 - Training

Get ready to use content for training purposes.

HOPEX Database backup made with SQL Server 2017 containing Training data. You can use them for Training or E-learning.

HOPEX Environment Installation Package V5.0

The HOPEX environment installation package contains the required elements to create a new environment in V5.0. This package is mandatory to create a brand new the systemDb

HOPEX Environment Migration Package V5.0

The HOPEX environment migration package contains the required items to migrate your environment to V5.0. This package is mandatory to update your SystemDb if you are coming from previous major version of HOPEX.

HOPEX in Microsoft Teams

Share MEGA HOPEX diagrams in Microsoft Teams.

Add a MEGA HOPEX diagram as a tab in your team channel, with an embedded editor, anyone in the channel can view and comment on your diagram without ever leaving Microsoft Teams. You can also edit your HOPEX diagram from a tab if you have access to a MEGA HOPEX license.

Sharing diagrams in Teams will help you to onboard your team members as subject mater expert in your transformation project. HOPEX helps you as enterprise architects to address the new challenges of the digital economy. As transformation doesn’t happen in silos, HOPEX made link between Enterprise Architecture, Process, Data and Risks perspectives to develop synergies between these four dimensions and foster collaboration between all business and IT stakeholders.

Static Website Content

Generated static resources are packaged in this Static Website Content and will be used by the Navigator Module. 

Static Website Macros

HAS Website generator

Enterprise Portal Application Package

Package your static website to make it available in HOPEX Application Server. Your end user will have a smooth experience to navigate the content of your Enterprise Portal.

Enterprise Portal

Make your static website available as a tile in the HAS Portal and ensure accessing to the static website is done through a proper authentification process (login/password or SSO)

HOPEX Simulation Engine

HOPEX Process Simulation engine for HOPEX Business Process Analysis

ITPM BIAN Capabilty Maps

This module provides an Conversion Toolkit (macro) enabling to make available the contents of BIAN ArchiMate diagrams as Business Capability Maps in other HOPEX products (e.g. HOPEX Business Architecture, HOPEX IT Portfolio Management)

Database Design Oracle 19c

This module provides the data types needed to design a Oracle 19c database in HOPEX.