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HOPEX Aquila

Predictive Intelligence. Seamless Collaboration.


HOPEX Aquila integrates innovative features driven by advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning with a new intuitive interface. This new version empowers the teams with new features to ease collaboration, boost efficiency, and create engagement.

Main Key Features

Improved experiences with:

  • Swift access to information: Brand-new design of the repository navigation and search engine to quickly find the necessary information. 
  • Track the progress: New home page offering KPIs and shortcuts to the most relevant information. 
  • Intuitiveness and flexibility: Personalized experience tailored to the user needs with end-users’ ability to configure the modular property pages.  

Shortened time to value with:

  • AI-Driven APM: Comprehensive IT inventory creation with automatic software product discovery, intelligent application detection, and automatic capability mapping features. 
  • Effortless modeling: Automated diagram generation through wizards and a new Intellibar for enhanced guidance throughout the modeling journey. 
  • Fast-tracked data governance: Dynamic business glossaries and data catalogs enriched with data contextual usage. 

Well-informed decision-making with:

  • Smart analysis: Automatic recommendations on IT rationalization and cloud migration strategies. 
  • Report explorer: Pre-designed report templates and a new simplified report builder.  
  • Interactive heat map: Collaborative risk heatmaps with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality.

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For existing customers, available for upgrade at the end of January.

Migration Path

V5 CPx >>> V5 CP3 * to CP8 * >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> Aquila (V6 SP2)
V4 CPx >>> V4 CP7 * >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> Aquila (V6 SP2)
V3 CPx >>> V3 CP7 * >>> >>> >>> V4 CP7 * or V5 CP7 * >>> Aquila (V6 SP2)
V2Rx CPx >>> V2R1 U3 CP7 * >>> >>> >>> V4 CP7 * >>> Aquila (V6 SP2)
V2 CPx >>> V2 CP7 * >>> V2R1 U3 CP7 * >>> V4 CP7 * >>> Aquila (V6 SP2)
V1R3 CPx >>> V1R3 CP17 * >>> V2R1 U3 CP7 * >>> V4 CP7 * >>> Aquila (V6 SP2)

* Last available HF is mandatory on this version to embed all relevant corrections for migration.




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