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HOPEX Platform V5

HOPEX V5 helps enterprise architects address the new challenges of the digital economy. With this new release, all the products have seen numerous improvements with a specific focus on usability to simplify the usage of HOPEX.

As transformation doesn’t happen in silos, this release enhances and tightens the link between Enterprise Architecture, Process, Data and Risks perspectives to develop synergies between these four dimensions and foster collaboration between all business and IT stakeholders.

Therefore, in HOPEX V5 we introduce a brand-new Data Governance solution to understand and govern how data is captured, used, and transformed. We also developed new modules to manage IT compliance and Business Continuity Management to protect and improve business resiliency.

In summary HOPEX V5 represents the Next-Gen EA platform with:

  • Connected EA: connecting on a single repository EA with BPM, Data, Risk perspectives
  • Automation: with automatic discovery of applications, processes, and data; and many auto-diagraming functionalities to accelerate projects and improve productivity
  • Smart insights and recommendations: with our new dashboarding engine quickly build your own dashboards to analyze the data. We also developed a new smart recommendation functionality for application rationalization and cloud migration.

Check out our HOPEX V5 What's New for more information.

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