Database Design Oracle 18c

This module provides the data types needed to design a Oracle 18c database in HOPEX.

Sample Privacy Management Content

This module is an alternative to the "Privacy Management Content" mandatory module (hopex.privacy). Once installed on HOPEX Privacy Management, it allows to properly configure the environment and import sample data, such as list of personal data and data subjects categories, security measures and more. 

Privacy Management Content

This module must be installed on all HOPEX Privacy Management installations to properly configure the environment.

RDBMS Anonymization

This utility is a set of SQL Server scripts that allows to anonymize an HOPEX repository before sending it to MEGA technical support.

HOPEX Application Server Customization

This is a default template module to publish your customization in HOPEX. This is a prerequisite module to start from should you want to publish customization

Service Now Integration

Connect HOPEX with Service Now and exchange application, technologies and business processes.

ITPM Excel Import Template

This add-on provides an Excel template, which provides means to bulk import ITPM data

ITBM Excel Import Template

This add-on provides an Excel template, which provides means to bulk import ITBM data (Strategy, Transformation Stages, Exhibited Business Capabilities by Stage, Business Architecture)

Standard Industry Capability Maps

These are MEGA's vision of main industry standard capability maps. 

There are to be used as a workbase to define your own enterprise business capabilities and plan your business strategy.

HOPEX Databases backup - V5.0 CP1 - Training-Legacy

Get ready to use content for training purposes.

HOPEX Database backup made with SQL Server 2017 containing Training data.

You can use them for Consultant-Led Training or E-learning.

HOPEX Data Source Extractor

HOPEX Data Source Extractor is a Windows application that uses ODBC APIs to extract Database  schema of relational DBMS as Oracle, MS SQL Server, Postgre SQL, Teradata, DB2...

ISO 9001 2015 Framework

This module contains the ISO 9001:2015 chapters