MAS Technology Risk Management Guidelines

The MAS Technology Risk Management Guidelines set out risk management principles and best practices to guide financial institutions to establish sound and robust technology risk governance and oversight, as well as maintain IT and cyber resilience. This module contains the MAS TRM regulatory framework with 244 articles grouped into 13 sections and 61 sub-sections.


HOPEX Server Supervisor Module

Integrate HOPEX with a SIEM or a log system to speed up security diagnostic. Package events/logs or technical elements to exchange with MEGA support to speed up issue resolution.

MEGA International

HOPEX Core Back-End Aquila

The core BackEnd of the platform that enables the business logic, database access to the repository. Build a digital representation of your enterprise by connecting business, IT, data, and risk perspectives in a single platform. Select which connections you need to integrate and analyze immediately, while having the option to build upon this knowledge and scale over time on a single source of truth. Get actionable insights to collaborate with all stakeholders to align on your company’s business objectives and demonstrate the immediate business value of your projects. Seamlessly integrate the HOPEX Platform into your digital ecosystem for a faster time-to-value.

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HOPEX Aquila

HOPEX Web Front End is the web portal for enterprise architect, Process modeler, Risk manager, Auditor and all stakeholder involved in the EA or GRC domain.

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HOPEX Questionnaire Builder

This module provides a modern user experience when it comes to building all types of questionnaires in HOPEX. Thanks to its WYSIWYG interface and drag and drop functionalities, building questionnaires has never been easier.

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HOPEX Databases backup - Starter

HOPEX Database backup made with SQL Server 2019 containing no data. You can use them to create a new blank environment.

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ArchiMate 3.1

The Open Group ArchiMate® 3.1 market standard Enterprise Architecture framework

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Hopex UAF

This add-on deploys the batches of the HOPEX UAF solution which implements the different standardized views and subviews of the UAF (Unified Architecture Framework).

MEGA International

HOPEX Databases backup - Demo - Aquila SP1 CU4

HOPEX database backup (version Aquila SP1 CU4), made with SQL Server 2019. It contains a rich set of demo data, useful to test all functionalities of HOPEX modules. You can use this database for training, demostrations, testing...

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IT-Pedia, from Eracent, is an extensive catalog of existing technologies that includes up-to-date information on computer software and hardware.

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ITPM Excel Import Template for Hopex Aquila

This add-on provides an Excel template, which provides means to bulk import ITPM data as of Aquila version.

MEGA International

AI-Driven APM

By using a list of technologies as a foundation, and leveraging the power of AI & ML, our revolutionary AI Driven APM tool enables you to efficiently identify applications and establish connections with their corresponding business capabilities, consequently allowing you to build your inventory faster and more effortlessly than ever before.

MEGA International


Modern HOPEX Website Template.

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APQC - Banking - Process Classification Framework

The Process Classification Framework (PCF) is a list of universal business processes performed by every business, giving you a common language to communicate and define work processes across your organization. This is the industry specific framework for Banking

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